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Refine. Magnetic Tattoo Removal.

Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos without harmful chemicals or painful procedures with our revolutionary magnetic tattoo removal technique!

Game Changing, Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal Technique


Now you can remove tattoos non-invasively without lasers, pain, or hair loss using the FDA approved magnetic system by Tattoo Remoov™ by Linda Paradis.


What is Magnetic Tattoo Removal?

Using a cutting-edge, non-invasive technology called magnetic tattoo removal, all tattoos can be successfully removed without leaving any scars. The method makes use of magnetic needles and a specially developed, non-acidic, non-saline, and non-toxic removal solution that is safe for all skin types. It works on all kinds of tattoos, including scalp tattoos, microblading, and permanent cosmetics. In contrast to conventional tattoo removal techniques, magnetic tattoo removal is a painless process that doesn't call for anaesthetic and enables the client to get back to their regular activities right away. Magnetic tattoo removal is the safest and most efficient technique to get rid of unsightly tattoos and help you regain your skin's natural beauty because it doesn't include any risky chemicals, pointless procedures, or scars!

Why Choose Magnetic Tattoo Removal?


Magnetic tattoo removal is non-invasive, gentle on the skin, and doesn’t require anesthesia or puncture the skin, unlike traditional laser methods.

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100% Non-Toxic & Natural

The E-Dermis tattoo removal solution is entirely non-toxic, containing no carcinogenic ingredients, high alkalinity, enzymes, acids, or saline, ensuring a safe and effective process.

No Scars

With magnetic tattoo removal, you can enjoy the assurance of no scarring, burning, keloids, side effects, or hair loss, regardless of the number of sessions you undergo.


One for All

● Effective on all colors/types of tattoo ink ● Effective on all colors/types of skin● Effective on all kinds of tattoos● Effective in all seasons

Our prices for this service are tailored to your unique needs and will be discussed during your personalized consultation. Book now for a one-of-a-kind experience!


About the Innovator

Linda Line Paradis:Inventor of the Non-Invasive Magnetic Needles

Linda Line Paradis is a prominent figure in the beauty industry, known for her expertise in non-invasive tattoo removal procedures. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, she has earned recognition as a leader in the field and has been honored with prestigious awards, including the “Oscar of Best Innovation” at the Mondial Beauty in Paris. Linda Paradis is the CEO and founder of Linda Paradis Group USA, and her groundbreaking technique has made her the preferred choice of top professionals in the USA for tattoo removal, offering exceptional results without the need for lasers or risky surgeries, ensuring no scars after the sessions.


  • How does the technique work?

    The special needles used in the procedure gently exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and raise the temperature of the water in the skin. These needles scratch the skin just enough to allow a tattoo removal product to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Once inside, the tattoo removal product reacts with the tattoo ink, causing the ink to come out of the skin. This process does not involve cutting the skin, making the procedure non-invasive.

  • What is the Tattoo Removal Technique using Needles 52/88/132

    The Linda Paradis Group's non-invasive patented needles 52/88/132 are used in their non-laser procedure known as the Non-Invasive Magnetic Tattoo Removal Technique. Due to the minimal discomfort, lack of bleeding or inflammation, and have no of scarring, it doesn't require anesthesia. The Tattoo Removal product has a basic Ph of 8.5 and contains neither acidic nor saline solutions.

  • What are the ingredients of the Magnetic Tattoo Removal Solution?

    ● Zinc Oxide
    ● Magnesium Oxide
    ● Calcium Oxide
    ● Benzoic Acid (This is not an acid. It is a preservative for cosmetic products)
    ● N-Propanol
    ● Triethanolamine
    ● Deionized Water
    ● Food and Cosmetic Molecules

  • Why should I choose Magnetic Tattoo Removal over other techniques?

    The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique is a natural and safe way to remove tattoos, as it contains no harmful or harsh ingredients, and the healing time is relatively fast compared to other methods. Additionally, this non-aggressive, non-laser, and non-invasive method does not require any anesthesia.

  • Can the technique be performed on any person?

    The Magnetic Tattoo Removal procedure is generally safe for all skin types. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals undergoing chemo or radiotherapy, those with weakened immune systems, or advanced diabetes unless approved by their doctor.

  • Can the technique remove any tattoos or any colors?

    The Magnetic Tattoo Removal technique with needles 52/88/132 is a safe and effective method for removing all colors of cosmetic or body tattoos, including hair scalp tattoos.

  • How many sessions are necessary to completely remove a tattoo?

    The number of sessions required for tattoo removal varies depending on several factors, including the person's age and skin type, immune system, the age and depth of the tattoo, and the type of pigment used. Some tattoos can be easily removed in a few sessions, while others may require up to 8 sessions or more. It's difficult to predict the exact number of sessions an individual will need for successful removal.

  • What to expect after a Magnetic Tattoo Removal Procedure?

    After the procedure, the individual's skin may have slight redness, but it usually goes away within a day. Some may experience minor swelling or discomfort. However, most people can resume their normal activities without any interruptions if they follow the aftercare protocol properly. As with most beauty procedures, it's important not to apply makeup to the treated area for at least 7 days and to avoid sun tanning or swimming.



Our prices for this service are tailored to your unique needs and will be discussed during your personalized consultation.
Book now for a one-of-a-kind experience!

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