Body Treatments

Recharge. Treat the Whole Body and Leave Invigorated.

Body scrubs and wraps are designed to improve blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, remove toxins and rejuvenate skin!

Our treatments exfoliate your entire body, sloughing off dull and dead skin cells to refine the texture and appearance of your complexion, leaving you with soft, smooth, hydrated skin. Scrubs are done in a private room. While we do encourage you to go completely nude, you are allowed to wear a bathing suit bottom, should you wish. Make sure to check out our Korean Body Scrub. We are the only spa in Corpus Christi to offer this heavenly scrub.

Korean Body Scrub

1 hr 30 min – $150.00

The benefits of Korean body scrubs include smoothing out dry skin, improving blood circulation, reducing water weight, helps to prevent wrinkles, reducing cellulite, rid body of toxins and waste. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and squeaky clean. (Includes hair wash).

Body Scrub & Wrap

1 hr 30 min – $150.00

Using our featured bath bombs, scrub, body wash and moisturizers this treatment helps to improve the overall appearance of your skin and blood circulation. Keep your body smooth and hydrated.

Back Scrub Exfoliation

5 min – $20.00

Add a back scrub to any massage. Used to exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving you soft and smooth.