Magnetic Tattoo Removal

Game Changing, Non Invasive Tattoo Removal Technique

Now you can remove tattoos non invasively without lasers, pain or hair loss using the FDA approved magnetic system by Tattoo Remoov™ by Linda Paradis.

The technique works by using magnetic needles that barely touch the skin, in addition to, a specially formulated serum that aids in pulling the ink out. Tattoo ink contains a wide range of heavy metals which are ferromagentic and targeted by the magnetic needles and Tattoo Remoov™ solution. The needles exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis which enables better interaction between the ink and the solution. The ink is removed by a combination of magnetic force, ultrasound waves and mechanical and physical extraction. There is no bleeding or scars because the layer of the epidermis affected by the needles is mostly dead skin and does not have blood vessels.

  • Absolutely effective on all ink colors including white
  • Effective on damaged skin from previous laser removal attemps
  • Effective on all skin types
  • No acids or high alkaline chemicals
  • Efficient on any tattoo regardless of complexity
  • Fast, effective and painless