Relax. Personalized Massages for Relaxation or Therapeutics.

June’s Day Spa has the most comprehensive selection of massages in Corpus Christi.

If you are looking for relaxation, want to let go of stress, relieve muscle tension or want a full, deep body massage, we have a wide variety of massages to fit your needs. We also offer a full selection of therapeutic massages for pain relief, increased mobiliity, sports injuries or muscle tweaks. Not sure what you want? We listen to your needs to target specific areas or recommend a massage that will work best for whatever you’re looking for, wether relaxation or therapeutic. Our services are personalized for your best experience.

30 Min. Massage

30 min – $60.00

30 min. Reflexology

30 min – $60.00

Reflexology is a spa treatment where the therapist works on “reflex points” on your feet, hands and head. The theory behind reflexology is that these reflex points relate to specific organs in the body and stimulating those points with finger pressure promotes health in those organs via the body’s energetic flow.

Swedish Massage

Gentle type of massage using smooth, gliding strokes to help relax the body.

1 hr – $80.00

1 hr 30 min – $120.00

2 hours – $160.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders.

1 hr – $90

1.5 hr – $135

2 hr – $160

Prenatal Massage

Must be at least 12 weeks pregnant! Pregnancy massage, also known as pre-natal massage, promotes relaxation, soothes nerves and relieves strained back and leg muscles in expectant mothers. Pregnancy massage is especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters, when the extra weight in your belly puts a strain on your back.

1 hr – $90.00

1.5 hr – $135.00

2 hr – $160.00

Trigger Point Therapy

Releasing or softening a muscle knot to reduce (or eliminate) the knot pain and associated pain. This release happens by applying various levels of pressure to muscle knots, and then stretching the affected areas through a complete range of motion.

1 hr – $95.00

1 hr 30 min – $135.00

Lymphatic Massage

1 hr – $85.00

This type of massage aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions.

Sports Massage

This massage is manual manipulation of the muscles geared specifically toward helping people who have physically demanding lifestyles and/or hobbies. This kind of therapeutic massage considers the impact of certain activities on specific joints, muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue groups.

1 hr – $95.00

1 hr 30 min – $135.00

2 hours – $180

Hot Stone MassagE

This type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body. The rocks are heated before use and the massage therapist can then apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing any discomfort.

1 hr – $95.00

1 hr 30 min – $135.00

2 hours – $160

Couples Massage

1 hr – $160.00

1 hr 30 min – $250.00

2 hours – $300.00

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is a deep tissue Japanese barefoot massage.  The therapist uses their bodyweight and feet to deliver a deep tissue massage that frees up bundled nerves, elongates muscles, improves posture and helps with chronic muscle pain.

1 hr – $95.00

1 hr 30 min – $140.00

Instructional couples massage

Want to learn a massage routine to pamper your sweetheart? During this private massage instruction, you will learn much more than a five-minute shoulder rub. You and your partner will be guided through massage techniques aimed to soothe muscles and induce relaxation

2 hours – $300.00