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Transform Your Skin and Hair with Advanced Plasma Therapy

Advanced Plasma Therapy

Experience the dual power of Cold and Hot Plasma treatments


Welcome to the Future of Skin and Hair Care

Discover the rejuvenating power of Plasma Therapy at June Day Spa, where advanced technology meets personalized care. Our Cold and Hot Plasma treatments are tailored to address a variety of skin and hair concerns, offering a unique approach to beauty and wellness.

  • Cold Plasma Therapy

    Gently rejuvenates sensitive skin and prevents hair loss by enhancing product absorption, stimulating collagen, and strengthening hair follicles. It's ideal for soothing conditions like eczema and promoting overall skin health.

  • Hot Plasma Therapy

    Targets more persistent issues such as acne and wrinkles with its intensive action. By sterilizing the skin and tightening its appearance, it delivers a youthful, vibrant glow.

Real Transformations, Real Results

Discover the Power of Plasma Therapy

Discover the transformative power of plasma therapy through the eyes of our satisfied clients. From soothing sensitive skin conditions with Cold Plasma to achieving dramatic skin improvements with Hot Plasma, our testimonials highlight the diverse and profound benefits that our treatments offer. Each story is a testament to the personalized care and innovative solutions provided at June Day Spa, reflecting our commitment to enhancing beauty and well-being.

Double Chin Reduction

Sculpt Your Profile: Double Chin Reduction

A double chin, often a result of excess fatty tissue, can now be precisely targeted and reduced with pinpoint accuracy. Our treatment focuses solely on the necessary areas, ensuring an efficient and effective approach to contouring the jawline. The transformative results are immediate, providing a noticeably refined profile that can last for 2-3 years following just a single session. This streamlined process offers a long-lasting solution to redefine your appearance with minimal intervention.

    Fast results. Lasts up to 3 years.
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Revitalize Your Gaze: Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation

Experience a refreshed and youthful look with treatments specially designed for the delicate lower eyelid area. Our approach gently fills the treatment sites, significantly reducing dark circles and smoothing out wrinkles. For optimal outcomes:

    Wrinkles may require 3 or more treatments.
    Reduce dark circles with 5+ sessions.
    Offer best results through a series of treatments.
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Bright Eyes: Wrinkle & Dark Circle Reduction

Dive into a world of delicate under-eye rejuvenation with our specially designed treatments, created to address and diminish the signs of aging and fatigue. Revitalize your under-eye area with specialized treatments tailored to:

    Soften wrinkles in 3 or more sessions.
    Lighten dark circles with 5 or more treatments.
    Achieve optimal results through a treatment series.
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Butterfly Zone: Poreless Perfection for Your Nose

Step into the realm of flawless skin with our Butterfly Zone treatment, a revolutionary approach to nose pore reduction. Utilizing atmospheric plasma technology, this procedure targets each pore individually, offering a trio of benefits with immediate results.

    Pore Reduction
    Oil Control
    Pore Tightening
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Melasma Mastery: Unlock Brighter, Even-Toned Skin

Embrace the transformative power of our Melasma treatment, a synergy of Microneedling Therapy System (MTS) with Cold Plasma technology. This innovative approach is designed to revitalize your skin by facilitating rapid absorption of nourishing vitamin ampoules. The treatment stands out for its ability to:

    Clear Complexion
    Reduce Pore Size
    Even Skin Texture
    Enhance Skin Elasticity
    Improve Pigmentation
Solutions for Active Acne & Congested Skin

Clear Victory: Solutions for Active Acne & Congested Skin

Tackle active acne and skin congestion head-on with our groundbreaking treatment, harnessing the power of Cold Plasma. This advanced technology brings a dual-action approach to combat acne:

    Antibacterial Protection
    Inflammation Reduction
    Sebum Control
Acne Annihilation

Acne Annihilation: Combat Active Acne & Skin Congestion

Introducing a pioneering approach to active acne and congested skin, featuring the exceptional capabilities of Cold Plasma technology. This advanced treatment delivers a comprehensive solution by:

    Preventing Breakouts
    Relieving Inflammation
    Regulating Sebum Production
Acne Annihilation

Eczema Ease: Healing Atopic Dermatitis with Cold Plasma

Explore the healing potential of Cold Plasma for eczema and atopic dermatitis, a revolutionary approach that leverages the power of repetitive antibacterial action. This treatment stands out for its ability to:

    Combat Bacteria
    Boost Skin Regeneration
Cold Plasma for Hair Loss Prevention

Locks Renewed: Cold Plasma for Hair Loss Prevention

Dive into the innovative realm of Cold Plasma therapy for hair loss prevention, where cutting-edge plasma energy plays a pivotal role in revitalizing your hair’s health. This treatment excels by:

    Stimulating Hair Follicles
    Regenerating Cells
    Addressing Various Hair Loss Causes


Beyond Surface-Level Care

Our Plasma Therapy sessions offer a multitude of benefits for both skin and hair, making it a versatile treatment option for various conditions. Here's how it can help you:

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For Skin Health

Significantly improve symptoms of eczema and atopic dermatitis, reduce inflammation, promote faster healing of acne scars, and enhance overall skin texture and tone.

For Hair Growth

Stimulate the scalp, encourage hair regrowth, and prevent further hair loss by rejuvenating hair follicles and improving blood circulation.

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Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production, leading to firmer, more youthful skin.

Safety and Comfort

With no downtime required, you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Cold Plasma vs. Hot Plasma Therapy


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    Low temperature, ensuring a gentle treatment process.

  • Treatment Focus

    Soothing and rejuvenating, ideal for sensitive skin and hair loss prevention.

  • Skin Conditions

    Eczema, atopic dermatitis, mild skin irritations, and thinning hair.

  • Process

    Enhances skin product absorption, stimulates collagen, fortifies hair follicles.

  • Recovery Time

    Minimal to no downtime, making it suitable for regular maintenance.

  • Best For

    Individuals looking for gentle care, skin maintenance, and prevention.

    Improved hydration and nutrient absorption
    Reduced inflammation and redness
    Enhanced skin elasticity and smoothness
    Promotion of hair growth and strength


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    Higher temperature, providing a more intensive treatment.

  • Treatment Focus

    Targeted and corrective, excellent for deep wrinkles, acne, and skin tightening.

  • Skin Conditions

    Stubborn acne, oily skin, deep wrinkles, and more pronounced skin issues.

  • Process

    Sterilizes skin surface, reduces bacterial presence, tightens skin appearance.

  • Recovery Time

    May require a short recovery period depending on treatment intensity.

  • Best For

    Those seeking significant improvements in skin texture and appearance.

    Those seeking significant improvements in skin texture and appearance.
    Visible skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
    Improved skin texture and tone
    Decreased bacterial infections and outbreaks


  • What is Cold Plasma Therapy?

    Cold Plasma Therapy is an advanced, non-invasive treatment that uses plasma energy to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It targets the skin and scalp to improve various conditions, including eczema, atopic dermatitis, and hair loss, without causing thermal damage.

  • How does Cold Plasma Therapy work?

    The therapy works by generating plasma at a low temperature. This plasma, when applied to the skin or scalp, enhances cell regeneration, promotes collagen production, and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. This process stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, leading to healthier skin and hair.

  • What are the benefits of Cold Plasma Therapy?

    Benefits include significant improvements in skin texture and tone, reduction of inflammation and acne scars, stimulation of hair regrowth, prevention of hair loss, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It's a versatile treatment that offers both aesthetic and health benefits.

  • Is Cold Plasma Therapy safe?

    Yes, Cold Plasma Therapy is safe for all skin types. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment with no reported significant side effects. The therapy is conducted under professional supervision, ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained.

  • Can Cold Plasma Therapy help with anti-aging?

    Absolutely. Cold Plasma Therapy effectively promotes collagen production, which plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, contributing to a more youthful complexion.

  • How many sessions are required to see results?

    While some clients notice improvements immediately after the first session, optimal results typically require a series of treatments. The exact number of sessions depends on the individual's condition and goals. A personalized consultation can provide a more accurate treatment plan.

  • Is there any downtime after the treatment?

    One of the significant advantages of Cold Plasma Therapy is the lack of downtime. Clients can resume their daily activities immediately after the session, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.

  • Why is Cold Plasma Therapy considered a long-term treatment solution?

    Cold Plasma Therapy not only addresses the symptoms of skin and hair conditions but also stimulates the body's natural healing and rejuvenation processes. This leads to more durable and long-lasting improvements, especially with regular sessions as part of a maintenance routine.